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Timeless Montessori

With our 50th anniversary year approaching, I’ve been digging (more literally than figuratively) through our school archives.

One conclusion: Montessori education is timeless.

It is heartwarming to see children in the ’70s working with materials that are familiar to our students today.  And its an honor to carry on these traditions with our current generation of children.

As we create our a photo archive for our anniversary our alumni– even the 55 year old ones– will be able to find and tag themselves as toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Here is a look back to 1976…

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The Human Spirit

September 25, 2013 Leave a comment


Evergreen Stump

Whenever I see a child working with such intensity and purpose, I  am reminded of the power of the human spirit.

This stump will be moved!



Evergreen’s Edible School Yard

Edible School Yard

Picking the last spring pea pod in the Evergreen garden!  Just in time for the last week of school, too.


Montessori Art… Makes Us

Evergreen School Art MontessoriLook around Evergreen. Art is everywhere.  In our classrooms. In our halls and stairwells, too.  And when you look around your life, you’ll see art all around, too.  From artwork in our homes to masterpieces in Washington Museums, we are immersed in art every day.

Evergreen School Penguins

Evergreen School Penguins

When a child creates a work of art, he establishes a connection as old as civilization itself. She refines her skills and develops mastery over materials.  He develops control over clay, paint, scissors and glue.

Children are creators.  Producing something is an expression of one’s identity.  The act of creating makes our children who they are.  We make art and art makes us.Montessori Art

Art is also problem solving.  When making a work of art, the child is in dialog with the medium.  The child asks questions of the clay. The clay responds.  Throughout the conversation, new ideas and new solutions emerge.

Art at Evergreen is joyful and serious too.  It isn’t child’s play.  When you watch our young artists in the process of creating, their intensity and focus attest to the importance of their undertaking. Their art deserves to be looked at carefully. Look deeply!

The Puppet Giant





Puppet Giant Glen Echo Puppet Co

The Puppet Giant at Glen Echo Park’s Puppet Co.


Here is a wonderful picture taken by Ms. Tobin after her classes field trip to the Puppet Co.’s production of Jack and the Beanstalk at Glen Echo Park.  I love it!

A Creative, Talented Person

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

We have a new  program view book  to share with prospective Montessori families at our November 16 Open House.  I am so grateful for the work of Kelsey Stephens in Minnesota who designed it. She has done a remarkable job capturing the joyful energy of our school.  It is such a pleasure to work with creative, talented and enthusiastic people like her. Thank you, Kelsey!


The Evergreen School Fall Open House takes place on November 16 from 9 to 11 am.

Alexander Calder at Evergreen

September 21, 2012 Leave a comment
Calder Mobile

Our Own Calderesque Landmark!

One of my favorite spots in Washington, DC is the Alexander Calder Room at the National Gallery of Art.  And to me,  his mobile in the East Wing Atrium is a DC landmark on par with any of the memorials on the Mall.   You can visit the room now using the NGA’s virtual interactive gallery here.

So I was thrilled when one of our teachers, Ms. Tobin, told me that her class was going to study Calder’s work and create their own kinetic sculptures.  With Ms. Michael’s help, the class created a collaborative mobile after seeing Calder’s wire circus sculptures.  Ms. Tobin even showed the video clip of Calder performing his own wire-sculpture circus.  How fun is it to see a grown artist making his own toys out of wire!

Now Evergreen School has our own artistic landmark, too!  Now if we could only create the virtual gallery…

Ms. Tobin also showed the video clip of Calder performing his own wire-sculpture circus at The Whitney.

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