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The Montessori Holiday Guide

December 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Montessori holiday guideNow that we’re in the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about ways to enjoy this special– but challenging– time with your children.

While most of the holiday commercialism runs counter to many of our families’ principles, it can seem nearly impossible to shield our children from the excesses of the season.


I wish you all the best in the weeks ahead and encourage you to keep in mind the insights we’ve learned from Montessori– chiefly these: children crave authentic, child-scaled activities including hands-on work like puzzles, cooking and crafts; they love creative play and movement; children hunger for books rich with language and images;  they live for making music and quiet moments, routine, family and togetherness most of all.


Enjoy this special time with your family!

Regards, John DeMarchi


Wonderland… What a Night!

Wonderland Auction

Wonderland Auction

The Evergreen community spent an enchanted evening “down the rabbit hole” at the Wonderland Auction on April 27.  Thanks to the creative energy of our wonderful auction committee, guests were treated to phantasmagorical night like no other.

Cheers to all the volunteers and supporters who made the event possible.

Special thanks to Kim Cantor, Donna Kerr, Anke Mann, Jen Rusiecki, Joy McCarty, Cori Lathan, and Christopher Mattox for their organizational skills and pure energy.

Over $10,000 was raised to support the children and programs of Evergreen School, including $3,500 direct support for our playground and garden.

See the gallery below and more event pictures here.

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Montessori Art… Makes Us

Evergreen School Art MontessoriLook around Evergreen. Art is everywhere.  In our classrooms. In our halls and stairwells, too.  And when you look around your life, you’ll see art all around, too.  From artwork in our homes to masterpieces in Washington Museums, we are immersed in art every day.

Evergreen School Penguins

Evergreen School Penguins

When a child creates a work of art, he establishes a connection as old as civilization itself. She refines her skills and develops mastery over materials.  He develops control over clay, paint, scissors and glue.

Children are creators.  Producing something is an expression of one’s identity.  The act of creating makes our children who they are.  We make art and art makes us.Montessori Art

Art is also problem solving.  When making a work of art, the child is in dialog with the medium.  The child asks questions of the clay. The clay responds.  Throughout the conversation, new ideas and new solutions emerge.

Art at Evergreen is joyful and serious too.  It isn’t child’s play.  When you watch our young artists in the process of creating, their intensity and focus attest to the importance of their undertaking. Their art deserves to be looked at carefully. Look deeply!

The Puppet Giant





Puppet Giant Glen Echo Puppet Co

The Puppet Giant at Glen Echo Park’s Puppet Co.


Here is a wonderful picture taken by Ms. Tobin after her classes field trip to the Puppet Co.’s production of Jack and the Beanstalk at Glen Echo Park.  I love it!

Esteemed Elders

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Evergreen Grandparents

What role did your grandparents play in your life? I received lavish amounts of love from mine. Unfortunately, they lived 200 miles away and never visited me at school– I am sure they would have loved it.

Eleven countries have official Grandparents’ Days (you can learn so much from Wikipedia!).  So does Evergreen School.  Ours is called Esteemed Elders’ Day because we know that not all students have living grandparents or grandparents able to attend our event next month.  Esteemed Elders’ Day is a great way to bring joy to the roots and the branches of your family tree– at the same time.

We start the day with coffee and pastries. Then a special musical performance, classroom visits, and a craft project.

If the weather is nice, we’ll go outside to our Rain Garden and playground.


It’s a highlight of the year!


Winter Bulletin Board

January 15, 2013 1 comment
Winter Bulletin Board

Cora Michael creates a Winter Bulletin Board

Cheers to Cora Michael and our wonderful new bulletin board.  Our Primary hallway is bright and cheery– perfect for these cold and rainy Washington winter days.

Cora’s creations are more than just about color and form.  They highlight textures, 3-D materials and mixed media.  Yes, those are real scarves! And the marshmallows are styrofoam peanuts!

We Love Penguins

December 14, 2012 Leave a comment
Evergreen School Penguins

Evergreen School Penguins

Every once and a while, a classroom project stands out– like an army of penguins.  What is it that makes them so endearing?  They are so anthropromorphised, of course.  These funny little creatures remind me of the time my son insistent on adopting a penguin through the World Wildlife Fund for Christmas.

But Santa is from the North Pole. Not Antarctica.

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