About Evergreen School

Evergreen School, Silver Spring MD

Evergreen School, Silver Spring MD

The seeds of interest are already sown.

Children are learning machines, naturally.  Their minds are absorbent; they thirst for knowledge and understanding.

At Evergreen School, by using proven Montessori methods, we free children to learn the natural way.  Senses come alive: touch, movement, language, sight, sound and music are part of their everyday experience. Our students have choice in their work and a sense of control of their lives. The result? Children experience a stress-free classroom, develop a greater ability to concentrate and an increased sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

Schools do not need to be places where one size fits all. Self-paced learning, small classes, trained teachers, and Montessori materials make Evergreen a place where children thrive.

“I saw the curiosity in my daughter’s eyes the first time she stepped into a classroom at Evergreen.  After our second year here, I recognize that same look whenever she approaches work in the classroom.  She loves coming to school and I love having her here.”  Evergreen parent

“Evergreen’s culture is one of community—a place where idea sharing is welcome, opportunities to be involved are plentiful, and communication with parents is a top priority.  I never have to wonder whether my daughter is in good hands at Evergreen. I know she is!”  Clare Neal, parent

“It is obvious that the teachers and staff love the kids because they cannot wait to go back to school each and every day.” Roberto Araujo, parent

Evergreen School

10700 Georgia Ave.

Silver Spring, MD 20902

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Evergreen School is an independent Montessori school for children from 2 years old through 3rd grade. We have been educating children in Montessori tradition since 1964. Evergreen’s mission is to help each individual reach his or her fullest potential and to prepare our students to be independent thinkers, lifetime learners, and responsible citizens. 

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