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Learning about Learning

IMG_0818 (2)One of Maria Montessori’s most fundamental contributions to the field child development was the high value she put on observing a child. She once said, “When dealing with children there is greater need for observing than of probing.” Through meticulous observation, you can better understand the child and learn how best to aid his development. She understood that rigorous observing was far superior to the kinds of standardized testing that has overrun our system of public education.

Dr. Montessori left a legacy of teachers who look, study, question and are committed to better understanding the workings of a growing child’s mind.

A core belief at Evergreen is that learning never stops. Teachers, staff and administrators are committed to learning and understanding the needs of our students through daily observations. Teachers watch, from a distance, while children are engaged in hands-on thinking activities.

In addition to their careful observing, our faculty is committed to continued learning through outside courses, workshops, conferences, reading and more. More than anything, it is our students who benefit from our teachers’ desire to learn.
Through our teacher’s participation in the Greater Washington Montessori Conference, the American Montessori Society (AMS) Conference in Philadelphia, online courses, technology training, webinars, CPR training and more, our faculty and indeed entire community is enriched.

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