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What is going on in this picture?

Visual Thinking Strategies

If you answered the question “what is going on in this picture?” you used visual thinking strategies (VTS).  What is VTS? In a classroom, by using a series of guided questions, you (the viewer) would be led by a teacher to a deeper understanding of the image. You would  link vocabulary and language-based thinking with visual stimulation.  Some of the questions you’d be asked: What kind of people are in the picture?   Where are they?  What are they doing? Do they look interested? ARE THEY THINKING? Are they learning?

You have deduced: these children on a school field trip; they are in an important museum setting (yes, that is a Picasso in the background); there is serious reflecting done in notebooks; this is a well-organized and successful program for learning.

Evergreen School has initiated a new program in VTS this year.  Here we are on a field trip at the National Gallery of Art in Washington. We are so happy to be working with an art historian and arts program designer from the Glenstone Museum to teach Evergreen teachers in VTS techniques.  I look forward to learning more about VTS and sharing here on my blog.

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