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Parents: I see your future.

October 7, 2013 Leave a comment

I see your future.

More than thirty-five former parents and students gathered at Seneca State Park yesterday to reconnect and re-live Evergreen memories.  I was thrilled to hear their stories and learn more about our past.

What did I find out?  Mainly this: Evergreen friendships last.  It was friendship that inspired John and Ronda Kent to plan the superb reunion. It was friendship that inspired the Gowducheruvu family to drive over four hours from Pennsylvania to attend.  These bonds endure.

So what does your future look like?  For today’s current parents, your time to reminisce will come.  Maybe it’ll be next year, maybe in seven.  So be sure to take lots of pictures and plan lots of playdates now.  For when you become an Evergreen alumnus, you, too will always be connected.

Enjoy these moments.  Memories and friendships live on.

Evergreen Reunion

Evergreen Reunion 2013

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