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Back to School for Me

Montgomery CollegeOur school year may be winding down, but learning and growing don’t stop for summer.  Our new camp staff is ready to go.  On Saturday, they participated in an orientation on the principles of Montessori led by Rebecca Tobin.   We are so thrilled to be working with such a creative and energetic group for the next two and a half months.

Not only will our campers continue to learn this summer, so will I.  Tonight begins the first of two summer courses I’ll be taking at Montgomery College.  Remember your first day of school jitters?  Then you know how I feel.  I worry: will the professor be friendly?  Can I survive three-hour lectures on four nights per week?  Is my attention span up for this?

My workload: I will be in class for four hours a night, four nights per week throughout the month of June– yes, its one way to gain some professional development.  I am sad to be giving up so many summer nights, but I have high hopes that these classes will be worthwhile.  I am sure I’ll be blogging about my experience as the month progresses.  Even though I have a Masters in Education, I am taking Early Childhood Curriculum Planning with Professor Sonia Hernandez and Child Growth and Development with Professor Barbara Marshall for credit hours.  

If meeting challenges, learning new things, and growing intellectually are keys to a long and happy life, then these courses will be great ways to spend my nights in June.

Cheers, John

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