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You Make the World a Beautiful Place


thank-you-kidsAt a school like ours, we rely on the parent involvement and volunteerism to make us great. Study after study demonstrates that active, involved and engaged parents make the greatest difference for children.

The Evergreen School Parents Association (ESPA)  held its final school-wide meeting of the year.  Reflecting on ESPA’s accomplishments, it is clear that Evergreen would not be the place it is without ESPA’s leadership and all the significant volunteers efforts of our parents.  We all owe significant thanks to the ESPA Executive Committee for a wonderful year.

Just as significant, we give great thanks to all our volunteers.  below is a list of ESPA and volunteer accomplishments this year:

  • Coffee on the Green coordinators
  • Buddy family volunteers
  • Room Parent volunteers
  • Field Trip Coordinators
  • Pizza Lunch helpers
  • Picture Day helpers
  • International Day presenters
  • Classroom craft and auction project coordinators
  • Winter Festival Committee
  • Open House tour guides and refreshment providers
  • Esteemed Elders’ Day Chair and volunteers
  • Breach Movie Night Speaker and helpers
  • MixedBag Sale Coordinator
  • Auction Committee
  • Teacher Appreication Week helpers
  • Annual Fund Chair
  • …and ESPA Executive Committee

…as we say at Evergreen, “You make the world a beautiful place!”

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