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Why Teach Drama? The Laughter is the Best Part.

why teach drama

Mule Deer, Lion and Narrator

The squeals of laughter were the best part.

After a few weeks of diligent practice, our Elementary class performed the African trickster tale, Anansi and the Moss-covered Rock for our Toddler and Primary classes and parents.  The story told the tale of how Mule Deer outwits Anansi the Spider through his wile and cunning.  The hilarious performance elicited squeals and cheers from the audience.

Congratulations to our fine actors and director, Mrs. Hatziyannis and assistant, Mr Evans.

Our Elementary class drama program gives all students the opportunity to practice, perform, memorize and grow in confidence.  Drama is an important element of our Elementary program. It enriches children’s understanding of the world, ability to work as a team and communicate effectively.

According to child psychiatrist Dr. Adam Blatner, drama teaches a child metacognitive skills, i.e., the process of “thinking about thinking.” When children assume the character of another person, they become aware of their internal thinking process. Children who are aware of their own thinking are better able to strategically analyze new information. In addition, our drama program supports vocabulary development, fluency and expression in all children.

Most of all, our program celebrates story telling, community and LAUGHTER.  

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