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Montessori Education: let’s discuss…

Montessori ConversationLast week, a parent sent me a link to a lively conversation about Montessori education in an online forum.  I was fascinated to read what people had to say about the benefits and drawbacks of Montessori.  In 100 or so comments, I read some keen insights, great misconceptions, wild exaggerations and splitting of hairs.  More than anything, I saw parents engaged in a honest, fretful dialog to help them figure out what kind of education system will best meet the needs of their children.


I weighed in (or is it waded in?) with my two cents: For me, the key aspect of Montessori is the belief that children naturally want to be engaged with interesting topics, materials and challenges. They want to have choice and control in their lives. They want to use their hands and senses to explore the world around them. They want to create art and music and towers and castles. They want to be able to work alone at times and with a partner at times. All in all, we see that the needs and desires of children are a lot like yours and mine.

At our school, habits of character, a sense of self and joy in learning are even more important than the academic foundation that develops in each child. It is so important that we provide a warm, safe environment with caring teachers where children can feel secure and grow in confidence.

You can weigh in, too. The DC Urban Mom forum is here.

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