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Observations on the Playground

Evergreen School playground
It’s a beautiful spring day… so I’ll write about Cursive.  Just kidding.  But if you are interested, here is a link to an article in last week’s Washington Post.  In a nutshell, at Evergreen we teach cursive because the fluidity of the text helps students who are prone to flip or invert letters.  And cursive can be so artful.  Just as children can be multi-lingual, they can be multi-textual, too.  Here, print, type and cursive all live happily together.




On to a more joyful topic: here is what I saw in our playground today:

  • Singers nestled in the hollow log, chipping at bark.
  • Soaring swingers, competing for height.
  • A boy discussing the latest repairs to his hand-me-down violin.
  • Treasure hunters burrowing with sticks into soft mud.
  • A boisterous mob observing a bumble bee, then…
  • A teacher’s quick, sober lesson on bumble bee bites.
  • Multiple, simultaneous games of fast-moving tag.
  • Emerging pale yellow shoots of this year’s beans.
  • A small crowd of boys rocking on a make-shift log.
  • I saw running, balancing, talking, and laughter.  Pretend play and active imagination.  I saw teamwork, negotiation, compromise, creativity, friendships and more.

Play on, Evergreen!

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