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Welcome Sheri!

Sheri Sesko

Sheri Sesko

Nothing is more important at Evergreen than the quality of our faculty.  Our teachers make Evergreen great.  It is their experience  expertise, wisdom, love, patience and passion for teaching that define the excellence of our school.

For this reason, I am pleased to introduce Mrs. Sheri Sesko. She will be joining our Elementary classroom next fall.  Sheri comes to us with 17 years of experience as a leader in Montessori education.  Sheri will join Mrs. Hatziyannis in our growing third floor program.

Sheri first experienced Montessori at the age of four. She attended a Montessori school throughout her elementary years. As a high school and college student, she worked with children in summer camp, childcare, and tutoring settings. Sheri has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Salisbury State University, and an Elementary I Credential from the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies in Silver Spring.

Sheri She first started teaching in 1995 at Heritage Montessori School in Baltimore.  She also taught at Love of Learning Montessori in Columbia, Maryland.

In addition to her classroom experience, Sheri co-authored a book on Elementary classrooms.  She was a presenter at the 2009 Annual American Montessori Society Conference on Classroom Management.

Sheri lives in Olney with her husband and two daughters. Outside of her love of teaching, she enjoys reading, being outdoors, and being creative in any way she can.

Elementary parents will have the opportunity to meet Mrs. Sesko this spring.  Look for an announcement of a welcome coffee for her soon. She will be around Evergreen frequently over the next few months as well.

I am certain you will enjoy getting to know her, and make her feel welcome in our community.

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