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You’d be proud, too…

Matt at Evergreen SchoolFor the past two weeks, Evergreen has welcomed a former student, Matt Hazelett back as part of his high school’s internship/service learning program.  Matt is a freshman at The Sienna School in Silver Spring.

Matt has reminded us all that Evergreen is about more than preparing children for elementary school. It is about instilling the characteristics that lead to life-long success, resilience for bumps in the road, and a passion for meaningful contributions to the world. That’s Matt in a nutshell. We are so grateful for his help and support in and out of our classrooms. He is a remarkable 15 year old. Here is Matt in his own words:

Hi, my name is Matt Hazelett. I am currently interning at Evergreen. I am a high school freshman and I will be working at the school for two weeks this winter. I am looking forward to reading to children, showing them Montessori materials, playing at recess and helping in the office.

I am very happy to be back at Evergreen. In fact, I attended Evergreen starting at the age of 4 through 3rd grade and went to the camp for many years even after I had left the school. I have many great and happy memories of Evergreen and learned a lot from this school. It made me into who I am today.

I remember how happy I was everyday to go to school and learn because the way students were taught was a fun, enjoyable experience. From what I have seen it is still like that today.

When I went to the camp, I remember loving it. I was friends with everybody. My favorite activities were playing in the gym, going swimming and going on field trips. My friends and I loved riding on the bus and trying to get trucks to honk at us. Since I was a camper the camp has changed significantly because now it is geared towards younger children. It was redesigned in a way that sounds like it would be an even more fun experience for younger kids.

Being back at Evergreen has reminded me of so many great memories, friends and teachers. It will always be a special place to me.

Regards, Matt Hazelett

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