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Reflection on President Obama’s Second Inauguration

obama inaugurationPerhaps, like me, you were stoked with optimism by President Obama’s address yesterday.  Even 40 minutes of Diane Rehm’s post-speech analysis didn’t damper my enthusiasm. President Obama’s words made me think of our children at Evergreen when he said, “America’s possibilities are limitless, for we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands: youth and drive, diversity and openness, of endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention.”

And as he reminded us of our obligations to our children and future generations, I thought of the great responsibilities upon us: to educate them, to nourish them and protect the natural environment. So to paraphrase (if not plagiarize) the President’s words– at Evergreen, with common effort and purpose, passion and dedication, we carry into an uncertain future that precious light of learning for each of our children.

We owe you, and all Evergreen parents, a debt of gratitude for all the support, help and volunteerism that enables us to provide the best experiences for our students and their limitless futures and endless capacity. Thank you.


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