Celebrate Peace!

Peace Assembly at Evergreen School

Little Friends for Peace

Evergreen welcomed MJ and Jerry Park from Little Friends for Peace today.  The Parks led two energetic assemblies to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King and his work promoting peace.

During the assemblies, children sang about conflict resolution, rode a Peace Train and learned how peace starts inside us all.  Mrs. Park even brought the “gift of peace.”  Children saw their own reflection inside the gift.

The Park’s mission  is to teach peace skills to children and their adult leaders to counter systemic violence. Through an open and responsive approach to our participants’ goals and by fostering connections among participants and partner organizations, we seek to empower a community of peacemakers with the knowledge and strategies for improved intrapersonal, interpersonal, and communal lives.”

According tot he Little Friends for Peace website, the organization was “named for the disarming nature of peacemaking and the little part we can all play in spreading peace, LFFP was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1981 by MJ and Jerry Park. A teacher and social worker/nurse (respectively) by profession and together parents of six, this dynamic duo decided to teach peace skills part-time to live out their personal convictions. In 1988 they relocated to Mount Rainier, MD, continuing LFFP’s operation in the DC metro area while maintaining national programmatic partnerships with organizations based in Minnesota and El Salvador as well as several other national networks.”

Read more about MJ and Jerry Park and the Little Friends for Peace here.

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