Seeing the Future

Evergreen School Thousand RollOf all the technological breakthroughs in the modern world, the invention I’d like most is a device that would let Evergreen parents see into their children’s future.  You know, it is hardly possible for a mother to imagine her young child as a high schooler, let alone as an adult or a parent.

Yet, often I think our Evergreen teachers are able to look into the future.  They can see how today’s foundation in learning, working with others, developing responsibility and independence, caring for others, and respecting differences can shape a child’s life.

Teachers see the long trajectory of life.  The passion a student brings to the hundred board, the bow frame, music class, or the map of South America is carried with him or her forever.  A lifetime of learning, growing, caring, and loving is nurtured here.

This morning, I watched a student in Mrs. John’s class unfurl his One Thousand Roll.  Over the course of many days, Lazarus had created one continuous strip of paper with each number from one to a thousand.  As the roll stretched 40 feet down the hall, I could see the pride in his eyes.   And I realized that behind those eyes is a greater sense of confidence and competence. The lesson he learned: that success comes from perseverance — “I can do it.”

Evergreen is making a difference in the lives of students like Lazarus as it has done for the past generations of students that came before him.  And if I had a “future-seeing” device I’d see the next generation of Evergreen students.  I would see how our decisions and actions today will secure the school’s future for tomorrow’s children.

Everything grows, like Raffi sings.  It is a blessing to be part of the process.

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