Giving Thanks for Reading

readersThis time last year, I wrote a post that imagined a world where shoppers wait in line for doorbusting sales for children’s books just the way they do for televisions and crock pots in our world.   Yes, it’s a fantasy. And I lamented the loss of Silver Spring’s Borders Bookstore makes it infinitely more difficult to buy books here.  Where would these doorbusting shoppers even line up?

Fortunately, since then I have come across three wonderful blogs that showcase great picture books for readers of any age.  And all the books they review are available online.  For those of us who plan to sleep in on Friday, these authors give us something to look forward to at home.

First, the Turtle and Robot blog is written by Jennifer Lavonier, a twenty-year veteran of the picture book industry.  She has worked as a book buyer in New York City’s Books of Wonder Bookshop and as the personal assistant to Maurice Sendak.  Her posts are erudite and thoughtful.

Second, Bookworm Bear is a terrific blog dedicated to reviewing children’s books.  Who is Bookworm Bear?  In her own words, she is “mama bear to a family of enthusiastic readers, seeker of good books for children, one who loves to wander in libraries and bookstores, one who nurtures – and celebrates – imagination and creativity.”

Third, Amy Dixon is the author of A Million Words blog. She is also a picture book author, mother and runner.  Amy’s tone is friendly and conversational. Her site regularly publishes humorous and poignant reviews of new and classic picture books.

Have a great Thanksgiving!  Happy Reading!

Let me know if you know other great sites to find books, too.

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