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Montessori’s Google Doodle

August 31, 2012 2 comments

Montessori's Google DOodle

How awesome is this? It is wonderful to see Google paying tribute to Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday (Aug 31, 1870). According to PC Magazine, “Google’s co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both went through the Montessori education system and have credited it for their success.” Read all about it by clicking the image.

Isn’t it great the ‘G’ is in CURSIVE?


Wells of Love

August 21, 2012 Leave a comment

wells of love

We are so thrilled to be written about in Debra Kahn’s  Wells of Love the blog for Amman Imman!  Read about our philanthropy Project and Amman Imman by clicking here:

Here is an except from the blog:

For young students, the heart of philanthropy opens when they discover a problem, gain understanding, and are given the tools at their level to take action that makes a difference.  The Evergreen Montessori School’s global service program opens the door to philanthropy for their students.  

We are so grateful to our outstanding Elementary class and their teachers for making the project happen.  As Ms. Barden said, “When the students see a need, they feel an impulse to help.  And when it comes to caring, they don’t stop themselves from responding to their impulse.”

Do Not Forget to Reminisce

August 17, 2012 Leave a comment

summer camp busWhy is the last day of camp so grim?  It is because it’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to beloved friends. To say goodbye to the Connecticut Bel Air Pool.  To say goodbye to the crafts, the games, the songs, the amazing counselors and more.

We enjoyed nine great weeks of fun, science, adventure, cooking and more.  Thanks so much for joining in.  In particular, I want to thank our awesome counselors, Erika, Evan, Tasmin, Kathleen, and Lisi.  It was their enthusiasm, joy, experience, patience and kindness that made our time so delightful.  They are off to teach children in their own classrooms or be on their way back to colleges around the US. Another great contributor, our Camp Director, Caroline Maffry, did a wonderful job conducting the ‘summer orchestra’ this year. From hiring our great staff to planning field trips, the curriculum, t-shirts and more, she coordinated the endless details necessary to make camp work like a Swiss watch.  Thank you, Ms. Maffry!

And now… on to the thrill of a new school year.  Congratulations: everyone is a year older!  Soon it will be a time to see old friends and make new ones. It’ll be a time to learn new skills and make new discoveries.  It’ll be a busy time of hustle and bustle.

None-the-less, don’t neglect to reminisce about this wonderful  summer (kinda like that Kid Rock song.) Remember these long days of sunshine. The brutal heat and the icy popsicles.  Soap bubbles and watermelon.  Pine Cones and glitter glue. And all the good times and good friends at Evergreen Camp!

See you next summer!

John DeMarchi

Head of School

Music to our Ears!

Music at Evergreen School

Orff Xylophone

We are delighted to introduce an all-new music program taught by Caitlin Garry this year.  All students will receive classroom instruction twice per week. In addition, we are offering an optional flute/fife lesson taught by MusicKids.

Our music program emphasizes patterns, repetition, and rhythm to support all aspects of cognitive development.  Ms. Garry will use The First Steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond Curriculum by John Feierabend. The program is full of many best-loved songs. Each song teaches a music concept in fun formats such as echo songs, call-and-response songs, simple songs, song tales, action songs, and more.

In addition, students will be exposed to our collection of rhythm instruments and Orff xylophones.  Most of all… making joyful noise is pure joy for children (and adults of any age, too!). Its music to our ears!

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