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A Distracted School Head in the Summer (and a list from Angeline Lillard)

Dr. Lillard

Dr. Lillard, Author of Montessori: The Science behind the Genius

On this hot Friday afternoon in July, I set aside time to address the perennial question: “What do School Heads do in the summer?” And then I got distracted by a wonderful book, Montessori: the Science Behind the Genius by Dr. Angeline Lillard, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia.

I will return next week to reveal a behind-the-scenes look at Evergreen School’s administrative projects. You’ll discover how a School Head keeps busy in July.  It will be as interesting as when Dorothy pulled back the curtain to reveal the Wizard, I promise. But first, I will leave you with a thought provoking list from Dr. Lillard’s book to keep you intrigued all weekend…

Eight Principles of Montessori Education, p.29

  1. movement and cognition are closely entwined, and movement can enhance thinking and learning;
  2. learning and well-being are improved when people have a sense of control over their lives;
  3. people learn better when they are interested in what they are learning;
  4. tying extrinsic rewards to an activity, like money for reading or high grades for tests, negatively impacts motivation to engage in that activity when the reward is withdrawn;
  5. collaborative arrangements can be conducive to learning;
  6. learning situated in meaningful context is often deeper and richer than learning in abstract contexts;
  7. particular forms of adult interaction are associated with more optimal child outcomes; and
  8. order in the environment is beneficial to children.
It doesn’t sound like your traditional school in Kansas, does it Toto?  Montessori education works!

Enjoy the weekend.  John

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