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Thank You, Color My World Project!

Color My World Crayons

Color My World Crayons

I would like to introduce you to a difference maker: Gawan Fiore.

He’s a seventeen year old high school student who is a co-president of the Color My World Project (CMW). Gawan’s organization recycles crayons in restaurants and sends them to schools across the country.  So far, they have donated over 18,700 crayons! The 15 CMW team members collect crayons from partnering restaurants like Outback Steakhouse and California Pizza Kitchen around the US. CMW is already operating in eight US states.

But it’s about more than crayons. According to their website, CMW raises “awareness about the importance of recycling by engaging children and teenagers in a collaborative and community-based recycling project that also provides art supplies for young children.”

Gawan visited Evergreen School yesterday and spoke to our students about the importance of recycling.  He explained how CMW works, the importance preserving our natural resources and ways we can all do our part.  Gawan showed our students that even teenagers can make a big difference.  And he even left us a gift of 900 crayons and a set of coloring books!

Thank you, Gawan!

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