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It Takes an Esteemed Elder

Isabel and Grandma Edie

Isabel and Grandma Edie

Its election season!

You are now free to choose sides: does it take a village (Clinton) or does it take a family (Santorum) to raise a child and strengthen our social fabric?  I will not weigh in on matters of politics, just parenting.  At Evergreen we say… it takes Esteemed Elders.

What is an esteemed elder?  Any mature person who plays a role in your child’s development qualifies. Relatives, neighbors, family friends and neighbors—they come in all shapes and sizes– and give so much love.

Take a moment to recall the special people from your childhood—was it an aunt or uncle, grandparent or friend? Did they teach you to fish or knit? Ride a bike or bake a cake?  (Add a comment and tell your story.)  You can probably see their face in your mind’s eye and recall the scent of their kitchen, their workshop or their cologne.

You wouldn’t be who you are without their unconditional love.  Would you?

On March 30, an esteemed elder in your child’s life is invited to join us for a special morning of celebration and togetherness.  We ask that each child has one or two special friends to spend time with us—learning, creating and sharing special moments.  Our schedule for the day will be posted in our next newsletter.

  1. April 19, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Elders are all part of the village. A village of elders would be even better!

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