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School and County: Diversity is our Strength

world mapI am writing about the culture at Evergreen. But first, let’s start with some geography: there are about 196 countries in the world. That’s counting Vatican City, Monaco, Liechtenstein, the Marshall Islands and several other countries that are less than 100 square miles in size.

We live in Montgomery Country, Maryland which happens to be 491 square miles.  At the most recent Montgomery College commencement speech, Dr. Wallace D. Loh, President of the University of Maryland pointed out that there are 170 countries represented in the current student body.  This county is a magnet for those around the world looking for brighter future. He addressed the graduates, “When I looked at you standing in line outside, I saw our future.”

Dr. Loh continued, “It reminded me of [the opening ceremony at the] Beijing Olympics. China walked in and I saw Chinese faces. Nigerians walked in and I saw African faces. Russians walked in and I saw Slav faces.  Americans walked in and they looked like the world.”

Evergreen, too, looks like our future.  Our diversity is our strength. As the most diverse member of the Association of Independent Maryland Schools, Evergreen is on the forefront of private education. What Dr. Loh said to the Montgomery College graduates applies to us at Evergreen: “It is not only what you know and what skills you acquire, it is your values that count,” he said. “Our values define us as Americans. Difference is respected and valued and common culture nurtured.”

Here, in the Montessori tradition, the value and culture of learning from one another runs deep. Thanks to all the parents and visitors who have been in class to share a special part of their background, tradition, culture or skill with our students.  You make us great.

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