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Governance. Do You Care? You Should.

plant more trees

Plant More Trees

As a parent, how much do you know about governance at Evergreen School?  Do you care? Of course, your primary concern is your child’s experience: is he or she happy at school? Is he or she learning? Making friends? Developing habits of mind and character that will guide him or her throughout life?

If you are like most parents, you also want your child’s teacher to be loving, upbeat, well trained and supported. You want the school’s administration to be open, communicative and committed to creating the best learning experience for all students. And you want the school to be careful stewards of your tuition dollars.

To achieve these goals, Evergreen was established as a non-profit, Board-governed, accredited, mission-driven, independent Montessori school.  The school is not owned by any person or group. All the school’s assets are held in trust and surplus revenues must be retained by the school for its self-preservation.  Since we are a registered non-profit, all gifts to the school are tax deductible.

Evergreen’s all-volunteer Board is focused on furthering the school’s mission and ensuring the school’s perpetuity.  They formulate policies and give direction to the Head of School. The Board hired and supervises me, and I am responsible to them for the day-to-day running of the school. Like other private school boards, they set the annual budget and establish the long-range vision for the school. One school consultant has said,  “The Board’s core activity is planning, and the Board’s primary constituency is not today’s students but the students of the future.”

On Saturday, our nine-member Board and I participated in an all-day retreat with independent school consultant Stephen DiCiccio.  Stephen founded Educational Directions Incorporated and works with schools around the world on strategic planning initiatives, governance issues, and Head searches.

We were very fortunate to have Stephen with us.  He covered topics such as the Board’s legal and fiduciary responsibilities, the relationship between the Board and the Head, trends in independent education and more.  I hope you share my gratitude for all our board’s thoughtfulness, dedication and passion for Evergreen School.  We wouldn’t be the great school we are without them.

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