Driven by Love

St. Valentine and/or American Greetings has it right: love is the most powerful force in the Universe.  Love compels us to honor our children’s desire for independence, knowledge, mastery and success.  It motivates us to be the best parents, teachers and educators we can be.

What, may ask, has me contemplating ‘love’?  Not the proximity to Valentine’s Day; CVS has had heart-shaped boxes of chocolates on the shelves since New Year’s. I am reading a fascinating book: Viktor Frankl’s holocaust memoir Man’s Search for Meaning.  Frankl’s experience taught him that we are free to choose our attitude and see the beauty, love and joy all around us. For me, it is a reminder of how fortunate I am to be surrounded by those whose life’s work is inspired by their love of others.  We all know that teaching in America is not a lucrative profession—and neither is parenting! But aren’t they the noblest?

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