An Abundance of Joy

“So tell me about Evergreen…”  I have been slipping this question into conversations with parents, teachers and past  parents since July.  I soon recognized a pattern to their answers: most talked about the warmth and kindness that they feel in the school community.  Parents told me about the gentleness of teachers, their compassion, their patience and their passion for teaching.  Parents are spot on. I have seen these traits in abundance.

What  I heard most often: Evergreen is a special place.   Children are known and cared for. It is a loving school.

As a newcomer, I realize that we should  not take the character of Evergreen for granted.  The schools special identity arises from the shared belief (among  parents, teachers, the board, and administration) that all our children deserve to learn in a classroom that respects their ability to make decisions, to act with independence,  and to use their senses in order to understand the world around them.

These ideas are the roots of our mission and purpose.  They may seem obvious to us within the Evergreen community, but in the wider world of education, they are radical.

Across the country, schools are still places where adults force round pegs of childhood through square pegs of education. The result: boredom and frustration at best; alienation and hopelessness at worst.

It is such a joy for me to be in such a self-selected community of adults who believe, like me, in the inherent inner light of children. It is a joy to be a part of a community that works so well together to make a wonderful place for children.  A place where there is such learning in abundance.

In my first update from Evergreen, you will find stories on what has been happening here.  I am so glad to have you as part of our family. I welcome all past friends of the school to  visit  me campus or connect with me by email (



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