Becoming a Green School

Save the Bay

Save the Bay

Fables are our best teachers. We know that the turtle knew more than the hare: making steady progress is the key to success. At Evergreen, being a green school means taking consistent and deliberate steps everyday toward reducing the environmental impact of our school and community.

And just like the turtle racing to the finish line, setting a goal helps measure our progress and keep us moving in the right direction.

THE GOAL: Green School Certification from the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE).  MAEOE is a nonprofit educational association that “seeks to encourage, education, support and inspire Maryland educators to build a citizenry that understands and is responsibly engaged in advancing sustainability to address human needs and to conserve the Earth’s natural resources.”

WHO? Elementary teacher Mrs. Lourdes Barden is leading the application process. She is chairing a committee that currently includes Mrs. Liotta, Mr. DeMarchi, Mrs. Basturescu and Mr. Fedder.   Parents, alumni and friends of Evergreen are encouraged to join the committee and support the initiative.

WHAT? In order to be considered a Green School, Evergreen must complete a lengthy application process that includes a report about our classroom curriculum, professional development for teachers, description of community-wide celebrations of the natural environment, and a demonstration of selected conservation best management practices (BMP’s).

Evergreen is focused on BMP’s in the area of (1) Water Conservation/Pollution Prevention, (2) Energy Conservation,  (3) Habitat Restoration, and (4) Responsible Transportation.   Look for tips on going green each week in the ‘greenletter (our eco-friendly digital newsletter.

WHEN? Evergreen’s application is due on April 1, 2012.

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