Forward to the Future

Like Marty McFly, we all want to see into the future (if your are too young to remember, Marty was the DeLorean time-traveler in the ‘80’s movie Back to the Future). If parents of young children had any free time, they might spend it imagining their children as grown ups. But as harried parents know, raising children is so all encompassing, it can seem impossible to think beyond the challenges of the here and now.

This Saturday, I spent the day as a judge at a middle school robotics competition. The event was sponsored by the First Lego League and included over 200 students on teams from 16 Maryland schools. I worked on a panel listening to each team’s research project presentation. As team after team presented, I could not help but imagine the toddlers at Evergreen School presenting their science fair projects, sales presentations, or doctoral dissertations in the future. All in due time.

These children soon will be reading, brushing his or her own teeth, being a good citizen and making a positive impact in the world. Diapers are as temporary as baby bottles, as is crying, biting and dependence. The only thing that is not temporary is the permanent impact that loving parents and a solid academic foundation make in the early years.

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