The Last Glorious Gasp (of Fall)?

Plant More Trees

Plant More Trees

How do schools across Maryland celebrate exceptionally warm days in late November?  With fire drills, of course!  Evergreen, like all schools, is required to have one fire drill per month. It was 62 degrees this morning… so out we went.

But at Evergreen, being in nature is not relegated only to fair weather or fire drills.  Understanding the natural world is an integral part of our curriculum. Cynthia Brunold-Conesa, a Montessori teacher wrote, “Just as the real world is a vast interrelated network of living organisms and natural objects, ecological principles are integrated into lessons, activities, and projects. Emphasis on the natural world, and our place within it, is a central theme.” Evergreen students learn to appreciate the beauty and wonder of their world, and to see the inter-relatedness of life.  Today in the Rain Garden, Mrs. Liotta worked with a group of children removing some invasive plants while another group looked on from the sandbox.

As my family and I rode our bikes across the Capital Crescent Trail to the Georgetown Branch Trail yesterday, we relished the last gasp of glorious fall.  Will we still appreciate the splendor of nature during the inevitable sleet of winter?

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