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Observations in a Classroom

Observation at Evergreen School

Observation at Evergreen School

One of the joys of spending time in a school like Evergreen is watching children completely immersed in learning.  Evergreen parents saw that intensity of concentration during recent classroom observation days.  On these days, parents are invited in to watch the classroom in action.  While it takes considerable restraint to sit and quietly observe without intervening, interrupting or disrupting—the act of observation is key.  This is how we come to know each child.  And by understanding the child’s interests, needs, and ability, we are able to provide the right instruction, direction and support.

What were our parents looking for on observation day? What did they want to find out?  They focused on three things: was their child (1) engaged in learning, (2) demonstrating growth, and (3) enjoying his or her experience? These three simple questions, in a nutshell, are our highest goals—concentrated effort, progress and passion for learning.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.

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