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Everyday Reading

Sunday was nearly a perfect day. First, I will tell you about the wonderful things: I spent the early part of the day picking up newly donated library furniture with Evergreen parent, Raj Jagannathan. Then I ran into three Evergreen children and their parents—Gabriel Goodwin and his dad, Greg; Lydia Ekzarkhov and her Jennifer and Dimitry; and Raj’s son Callum and wife, Jennifer. In the afternoon and evening, I spent time with my family, watched a lacrosse game, supervised my daughter’s homework and more.

It wasn’t until bedtime that I realized that I had not even unwrapped the Sunday newspaper. It dawned on me… I do not function well without my reading habits. Seeing the still-bagged newspaper at 10 pm gave me oddly distressed feeling. Perhaps you and your child also feel a little unwell without reading. Whether it is your nightly bedtime story or audiobook in the car, there is no better habit-forming activity than reading with your children.

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