Measuring Tools

Forget about toys.  Children want tools.   Sammie loves the nuts and bolts in the main office.  Devon is mad about the tape measure in my office. Last week he measured everything. My desk.  Chairs.  The rug.  His head.

Some things are easy to measure like your weight, MSA scores, and Prince Fielder’s on-base percentage.  By now, everyone knows that there is a raft of data showing that a Montessori education is outstanding preparation for academic success.  But the most important things are harder to measure: happiness, peace and well-being.  Dr. Montessori’s mission was to create peace in the classroom and in the world. Her lessons are even more poignant today because there is new research that shows children need to feel safe in order for learning to occur.  At Evergreen, children are learning the skills for cooperation in peaceful classrooms so they can lead ethical lives of compassion and stewardship of our planet. It may be hard to measure, but kindness counts the most.

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