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Really Smartboards

Who doesn’t love it when a lone voice speaks out against the orthodoxy of the educational-industrial complex? And why would a technocentric blog written by a self-described, “passionate advocate of learning innovatively” call Interactive White Boards a waste of money and time?  To many Montgomery County parents, Interactive White Boards seem like a great leap forward for their children— a 4-foot  touch screen that brings graphics and video to the classroom.  It’s like a giant I-pad on your wall.  To Lisa Nielsen, writer of The Innovative Educator blog, these Smartboards, “don’t change the model that’s broken. They just make that model way more expensive.  With a Smartboard, the teacher usually still controls the content, stands in front of the classroom, and has to manage a bunch of kids through a lesson they’d rather not be managed through.”  Montessori materials may look low-tech and simple, but they stimulate a growing brain far more. Be thankful for what you don’t have.

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